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We’re willing to wait on you, we believe in everything that you do, I want you to try to help yourself…

So you’ve had you’re private school tuition, parents help, support, inspiration, all of life’s lessons you have learnt. Now is the time when it is up to you to make a success of yourself. You get drunk and sleep in until 12.

Sometimes I feel like this. I know what I have to do to make a success of myself.. I think.. but I don’t put it into action.. I don’t help myself. It’s like a..

‘dusty room you cannot sweep, clouding up your mind..’

I read tons of self-help books, hoping that somehow they will inspire me to change my ways, but I know it already. I know what I have to do I just need to do it! My dream is to become a film director like Sofia Coppola.. and I will get there one day, I WILL!!

‘and if I could talk to myself like I was someone else, then maybe I would take my advice’

just a bit of a rambling post about how we should listen to our own advice, how we should get up before noon!

songs that inspired this post:

Bright Eyes – Going for the Gold

Help Yourself – Sad Brad Smith

Sometimes, all eyes are on you, and you have to make the best of it. It’s scary, but it’s what dreams are made of..

I am ready to spread my wings and let the world in.

I am ready to feel the fear, and do it anyway.

I am ready to succeed…

It’s Scary to be Ordinary in a World where no one knows your Name…

My friends say that I’m strange. But in a world with 6.7 billion people and growing, do we not all just need a way to be unique? For me it’s expressing myself through my clothing and my room – visually, everything I see of ‘myself’ must be “me” otherwise I feel like my identity is non-existent. The realization of this in the form of a line from a Conor Oberst song (see title) made me wonder; is everyone the same?

Do we all just want to be more than a face in a crowd?

Of course, the answer to this is ‘yes’, but if not visually from our houses etc, then how? Sometimes when I catch a glimpse of another person’s world; their house, their history etc.; I struggle to find any trace of an ‘identity’ in the complex sense of the word. Perhaps it is just that I, as a teenager, need to establish this, whist older people have learned to purely exist on the foundations of other things? Is identity just a phase? Or, even is it merely an illusion to stop insecure people like myself from getting lost in the crowd?

What do you think?

Lets Migrate..

This is where I live. Or at least I try to… my friends call it day-dreaming or hopeless optimism, but I think that it’s wonderful to be able to be able to see beyond the day-to-day chaos and and irritating aspects of life and to see ‘the bigger picture’.

All of us at times get overwhelmed with everyday pressures and begin to complain about petty things. Yes, the grass is always greener on the other side, but in a way, we all live on the ‘other side’! It’s all relative. I just feel like we should all make it our goal to look upon the little things; weather, timetables, transport issues etc., with as much of a positive attitude as we can. Ok, the train was 5 minutes late, but think how great it is that picks you up and drops you off at your destination so efficiently! Ok, it’s freezing cold, but at least it’s not raining and it means I get to wear my cute scarf and gloves set!

See what I mean? When I do this it makes me feel so much better about everything. We, no matter who we are, have so much to be thankful for, we are alive! The ‘land of make believe’ is not naive or blind. It is most definitely a reality.

There is nothing else to say…

Tip of the Day!

Being a student is great.. until you have to do work. For me it is in the form of 3 philosophy essays this week – yum.

So in my despair I asked my daddy to text me an essay writing tip of the day hehe.. and I thought today’s tip was quite applicable to life in general!…

‘Imagine you are in a helicopter. Fly above the subject matter. Look down upon it. Say what you see.’

Once I had tackled my essay with this method, I started to think about it in terms of my own life. If we step away from our own bad moods, emotions, worries, menial tasks; how do we see our life? Is it good, bad, ugly?

I find that people like to confide in me about their troubles and to ask what they should do, and it comes naturally to me to be able to suggest solutions. But when it comes to my very own troubles, I keep them hidden in my shell. I find them so hard to solve because they are tied up with all of my tangled emotions. (In Philosophy of Mind we call this subjective analysis 😉 I’m such a geeek)

But what if we learned to step back out of our own minds and look at the problems as if they were a stranger’s? Surely we would know what to do? This reminds me of the lyrics to ‘Going for the Gold’ by Bright Eyes:

‘And if I could talk to myself like I was someone else
Then maybe I could take your advice
And I wouldn’t act like such an asshole all the time’

So today, try looking at your own life from a helicopter, say what you see, work out what you should change, and tell me what you think!!