Going somewhere…

Film is my FAVOURITE form of art.

I think it is just sooooo powerful when music, photography, a storyline, literature, emotion, cinematography and everything else and gets mixed together into a crazy whirlwhind.. when a director gets it spot on I just burst into tears!

I love Sofia Coppola (the director of Somewhere). She has the ability to create these minimalist classics which are so emotive and philosophical. So far, Lost in Translation is my favourite – I’ve watched it 100’s of times because I can relate to the main character Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) so much. Coppola focuses on the themes of identity, belonging and alienation which I too am interested in.. she’s basically my role model – I would love to be a film director!

Yo so anyways check out da trailer! I am DESPERATE to see the UK premiere at the BFI film festival in London on the 27th October – tickets are sold out but I’m going to try queuing at the door! If anyone can get me a ticket let me know!!



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