My first love

The first time that I remember being completely blown away by art was when looking at this Bruce Nauman masterpiece. I was 17. It was Sydney, Australia.

And at first sight, the optimistic swirly lollipop just diminished all my doubts about art: after all the shit ‘silly things’ people say, like: ‘oooh is that really art though?’, ‘contempory art isn’t really art’, ‘it’s a load of nonsense’….

…I realized that anything that is created ‘artificially’ by another human being and that reveals to you some ‘mystic truth’ in any sense, then it is art!

But I think that Bruce Nauman is just sooo cool because not only does the neon look really funky and cool and ‘accessible to the masses’, I think it addresses something really deep: it manages to define art within the medium of art, and Brucie reveals a mystic truth by revealing that the true artist (himself) reveals mystic truths. Heavy stuff!

So what do you think? Is it cool or does it just state the obvious?



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