Everything will be alright..

I’m not sure what is meant by ‘everything’, but these words probably the most comforting things for me to hear. Every time I hear someone say it, I am immediately soothed. I do not know why because I’m not quite sure what I am worried about, but to me it is just so powerful.

I have just been to see the chick-flick ‘Life as we Know it’ this evening, it was quite good, but the best thing I got from it was hearing the song ‘For you now’ by Bruno Merz. The melody is so mesmerizing and I just LOVE the lyrics. I feel so deep in thought, so mellow and calm.

But it has made me think; are we in our sub-conscious always on edge, constantly thinking that everything will fall apart? Do we need to be reassured every so ofter that everything actually will be alright? Maybe it is just me. But I think that sometimes we all just need the reassurance that our parents gave us as children and the feeling of safety.

I want to make a piece of art related to this, not sure how but I just want the big, bold, words: ‘everything will be alright’.

Listen to the song, then tell me what YOU think! 🙂 xxxx


2 responses to “Everything will be alright..

  1. I did, before and know, but you said it all & better than I could have !!
    It is mesmerizing and captivating, and funny because it inspires poetry as well as many thoughts and other forms of art & creativity at once…
    I’ve just read you now, and the same words came to me in trying to express what I felt in listening to the song… yes, “soothing”, “comforting” in all delicate and tender reassurance, even without quite knowing for what… life, hurt, loss enfin…

    It is of such beauty, and even if I don’t quite have all the answers just yet, but some thoughts and feelings, know that you are not the only one to question….
    And no, you are not alone and songs like this make us feel… and question still…
    A safe haven in sincere feelings , like an island of peace and tranquillity in all beauty without closing the eyes to what’s “out” or ‘in” there…

    I think Bruno and his songs are amazing !
    Thank you for sharing in all honesty…


  2. A beautiful song! It reminds me of the “All is Well philosophy I write on and follow:

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