I love it when the nights get dark..

This picture epitomizes everything I love about the winter months; the dark blue hue that covers the world at 6 o Clock, the lights on the street and in the windows, the hustle and bustle of people wrapped up in woolen clothes. Autumn leaves.

There is a certain nostalgia about it; even when you are in the midst of it all, when you are that girl in the photo, you are still longing for more of the feeling, there is something that you still cannot capture, because some of it is held in the past.

My mind goes back to past autumns, when I longed for the future, when I thought of the past. I think that traditions are just this – my mind can never focus on the present because it is always reminded of what was before.

I want to have an in-the-moment feeling, where you do not want to be in the past, you do not want to be in the future, you want to be in the present, always and forever.

I’ll leave you with a song : ) Autumn Leaves

Wow. I was listening to the above song whilst writing this, I wasn’t listening to the words but as I was writing I had my late Grandad in mind the whole time.

I have just read that the song was written about Paolo Nutini’s Grandad when he died.


2 responses to “I love it when the nights get dark..

  1. A beautiful post, Ms. Leanne! Flawless.
    I can identify with it because I like reflecting winter in poetry.
    I wrote the following sometime ago. Perhaps it will appeal to you as it may connect to your love of winter.

  2. I also love this atmosphere when it is almost winter. I come back after school (at 6 pm), it’s very dark, and I listen to music while walking up the main street of my city to go home. It’s so peaceful at this hour, I love this!
    (I discovered your blog today and I like it very much)

    Greetings from France 🙂

    > you can come visit my photo-blog if you want : http://odilekeromnes.wordpress.com/

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