It’s Scary to be Ordinary in a World where no one knows your Name…

My friends say that I’m strange. But in a world with 6.7 billion people and growing, do we not all just need a way to be unique? For me it’s expressing myself through my clothing and my room – visually, everything I see of ‘myself’ must be “me” otherwise I feel like my identity is non-existent. The realization of this in the form of a line from a Conor Oberst song (see title) made me wonder; is everyone the same?

Do we all just want to be more than a face in a crowd?

Of course, the answer to this is ‘yes’, but if not visually from our houses etc, then how? Sometimes when I catch a glimpse of another person’s world; their house, their history etc.; I struggle to find any trace of an ‘identity’ in the complex sense of the word. Perhaps it is just that I, as a teenager, need to establish this, whist older people have learned to purely exist on the foundations of other things? Is identity just a phase? Or, even is it merely an illusion to stop insecure people like myself from getting lost in the crowd?

What do you think?


One response to “It’s Scary to be Ordinary in a World where no one knows your Name…

  1. You pose a lot of interesting questions here. I have to wonder the same thing! I think everyone struggles to figure out their identities and how to express them in their own unique ways, but I think it’s especially prevalent when you’re a teenager. In psychology classes, we talk a lot about Erik Erickson and his stages of development — basically, he said that each of us undergoes specific crises at different times of our lives. In the teen years, that crisis is a struggle for identity. So psychology seems to say that identity is somewhat specific to teenage years, but I’m convinced that the search for identity goes far beyond that.

    Great post 🙂 I look forward to reading more from you!

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