We’re willing to wait on you, we believe in everything that you do, I want you to try to help yourself…

So you’ve had you’re private school tuition, parents help, support, inspiration, all of life’s lessons you have learnt. Now is the time when it is up to you to make a success of yourself. You get drunk and sleep in until 12.

Sometimes I feel like this. I know what I have to do to make a success of myself.. I think.. but I don’t put it into action.. I don’t help myself. It’s like a..

‘dusty room you cannot sweep, clouding up your mind..’

I read tons of self-help books, hoping that somehow they will inspire me to change my ways, but I know it already. I know what I have to do I just need to do it! My dream is to become a film director like Sofia Coppola.. and I will get there one day, I WILL!!

‘and if I could talk to myself like I was someone else, then maybe I would take my advice’

just a bit of a rambling post about how we should listen to our own advice, how we should get up before noon!

songs that inspired this post:

Bright Eyes – Going for the Gold

Help Yourself – Sad Brad Smith


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