About Me

Hello, my name is (insert here). I am anybody. I am nobody. I am whoever you want me to be, whatever you perceive in your mind. Because, well, this is art after all, and what is anything but an illusion?

”The thing is to think of nothing. Look, nothing is exciting, nothing is sexy, nothing is not embarrassing. The only time I ever want to be something is outside a party so I can get in.” Andy Warhol

3 responses to “About Me

  1. Just encountered your blog, Ms. Leanne. I must say, it is very impressive! The conviction in your feelings about art is fascinating.
    Keep on writing and continue to “Carpe Diem”!

  2. Leanne, I was at a food blog and came across your link. Very nice site. I like how each post has different color font and the photos are great. I like the post about being a student and it being great until you have to study!

  3. Very nice.. love it.. Andy Warhol is my God..xo

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