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I have a new blog and it is the next big thing!!

urban optimist is what I am and it is my new blog for a new year


check it out now

lovess! xxx

Sometimes, all eyes are on you, and you have to make the best of it. It’s scary, but it’s what dreams are made of..

I am ready to spread my wings and let the world in.

I am ready to feel the fear, and do it anyway.

I am ready to succeed…

There is nothing else to say…

Tip of the Day!

Being a student is great.. until you have to do work. For me it is in the form of 3 philosophy essays this week – yum.

So in my despair I asked my daddy to text me an essay writing tip of the day hehe.. and I thought today’s tip was quite applicable to life in general!…

‘Imagine you are in a helicopter. Fly above the subject matter. Look down upon it. Say what you see.’

Once I had tackled my essay with this method, I started to think about it in terms of my own life. If we step away from our own bad moods, emotions, worries, menial tasks; how do we see our life? Is it good, bad, ugly?

I find that people like to confide in me about their troubles and to ask what they should do, and it comes naturally to me to be able to suggest solutions. But when it comes to my very own troubles, I keep them hidden in my shell. I find them so hard to solve because they are tied up with all of my tangled emotions. (In Philosophy of Mind we call this subjective analysis 😉 I’m such a geeek)

But what if we learned to step back out of our own minds and look at the problems as if they were a stranger’s? Surely we would know what to do? This reminds me of the lyrics to ‘Going for the Gold’ by Bright Eyes:

‘And if I could talk to myself like I was someone else
Then maybe I could take your advice
And I wouldn’t act like such an asshole all the time’

So today, try looking at your own life from a helicopter, say what you see, work out what you should change, and tell me what you think!!



Graffiti is Art

Graffiti, whether ugly, pointless or beautiful, is an art-form and a voice calling out from society. It will always tell us something about the world and illustrate an emotion, whether it be boredom, injustice, frustration or love. It is the people’s art and we must take notice of it; it is just as valid as a Damian Hirst or Georgia O’Keefe – it is one person’s view. Next time you see graffiti, absorb it, just like you would a masterpiece at a gallery – you may be surprised about what you might see within!


It is just one person using the means they have to put their mark on the world.


Everything will be alright..

I’m not sure what is meant by ‘everything’, but these words probably the most comforting things for me to hear. Every time I hear someone say it, I am immediately soothed. I do not know why because I’m not quite sure what I am worried about, but to me it is just so powerful.

I have just been to see the chick-flick ‘Life as we Know it’ this evening, it was quite good, but the best thing I got from it was hearing the song ‘For you now’ by Bruno Merz. The melody is so mesmerizing and I just LOVE the lyrics. I feel so deep in thought, so mellow and calm.

But it has made me think; are we in our sub-conscious always on edge, constantly thinking that everything will fall apart? Do we need to be reassured every so ofter that everything actually will be alright? Maybe it is just me. But I think that sometimes we all just need the reassurance that our parents gave us as children and the feeling of safety.

I want to make a piece of art related to this, not sure how but I just want the big, bold, words: ‘everything will be alright’.

Listen to the song, then tell me what YOU think! 🙂 xxxx

In the future, this is the way everyone will be introduced.

Click here to watch Laurel Pantin’s Test Shot

I lalalala-love Jake Davis Test Shots. He has a way of making us feel like we know the stranger who he films for about 60 seconds. He makes them look so special and unique and deep and someone who we want to get to know.

It is the antithesis to the idea that we walk past hundreds of people on the street everyday and treat them all the same, we do not care about the little things about them, we just want to be able to get along with our lives.

Jake Davis has this incredible knack for taking all of those millions of people, and zooming into just one of their lives for a few moments, adding fitting music and a place that is important to them.

I want to commission one for myself!!